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  • Sofia Rakecevic-More

The Hills Were Alive...

During our excursion out and about on the Sound of Music Tour, we journeyed a little ways away outside of the bustling city center of Salzburg and into the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of the Austrian countryside. Seeing the glistening, blanketed white mountains whizz past, while we all sang along to the Sound of Music was truly a magical experience.

It felt incredibly surreal, as though we were somehow transported into a glittering winter wonderland, all the while learning about and visiting the prestigious filming locations of one of the most venerated movie musicals of all time! One of the most exciting moments of today's adventure was visiting a little town, Mondsee, just on the outskirts of Salzburg. You wouldn't know it, but it just so happens to be the home of the church in which Maria and Captain von Trapp, from the Sound of Music, were wed (in the movie, of course!). After a brief jaunt, walking through picture-perfect neighborhoods and into the vibrant town square, we were met with, in my humble opinion, the most glorious cathedral. Towering over the traditional architectural facades of the town and the cobblestone streets, the cathedral truly had a commanding presence. Once we entered, I immediately fell still, touched by my surroundings. As soon as my gaze fell upon the gilded arched ceilings, mahogany pews, and frescoed panels, I felt as though I was Maria, striding up the aisle. Being in this church was incredibly memorable and special.


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