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And today, we left Paris! While we had a wonderful time there, it was exciting to go to a new city. At the train station, most people got a treat from a bakery! We took an 11 o’clock train through the French countryside on our way to Lyon. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and we had a very fun time preparing a skit about the opera we went to tonight.

Once we arrived in Lyon, we headed straight to the hotel. After we received our room assignments, we were given time to get lunch. My group got side tracked at an antique store where we spent our lunch break looking around! A different group went to a grocery store where they were gifted a hunk of meat, which is apparently a “local delicacy”! It has not been tried yet, but hopefully you’ll get a review of it soon.

After the lunch break, we met in the park across from the hotel to present the skit we prepared on the train. We stretched (led by Mrs.Resnick) and then started to practice our skit! It was directed by Nika with her assistants Paloma and Shayla. Minnie was David, Dick was Curtis, Nick the Bartender was Dolly, the Sheriff was me (Chloe!) and everyone else was miners or other small roles. We ended up improvising most of the skit and had a very fun time!

When we finished performing, Caroline sent us back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and the Opera. Dinner was delectable- best so far, according to our tour guide Bill- and so good David recorded his segment of the blog at the table.

Then we walked (in the rain, but it was not too bad!) to the opera house. We saw The Girl of the Golden West, which was amazing! We sat in the 3rd-5th rows of the front center section, so that was incredible! All of the singers were very good, and the opera itself was beautiful with some interesting costume designs. After the show we took a bus back to the hotel where we went straight to bed! All in all, a very fun day!

David’s Dish

Our night was wonderful. Opera, city ambiance, rain sounds, and more was seen by us today. However, the food was on a different level. We start off with a salad which had a poached egg and bacon bits in it. The sauce was very distinct as it was an acidic, lemony taste with a hint of something dairy. The desert was flan and whipped cream. It was wonderfully smooth and was just so delightful to enjoy in small bites. Now, the main course was carbonara. It is a pasta dish with creamy white sauce and fried ham bits. Thought it was extremely simple, its simplicity was actually the beauty of the dish. The restaurant was able to focus on each individual aspect and make them dance together.

Overall, this was wonderful: 4.7/5

Wonderful setting.

Simple but effective style.

Down-to-earth and traditional.


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