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Still Not France

"Welcome to Not-Yet Paris..."

It's been a long day(s). After arriving in Boston in two waves from San Francisco, the reunited Scouts flew on to Münich. Not to let an 11 hour layover in Münich slow us down, we got out and saw the city! We met our tour guide, had lunch at Heimwerk (lots of potatoes!), visited the old town, the cathedrals, the Hofbrau House, and the Bavarian Staatsopera (Münich Opera). After over 24 hours with no sleep, we still walked 16,009 steps (and counting) and in spite of nodding off to sleep at several monuments, remained in good spirits, excited about our final flight of our journey to Paris!

Highlights of the day:

"I liked seeing the church, it was really pretty" --Sylvie

"The band in the Hofbrau was amazing!" --Hannah

"Lunch at Heimwerk had new and interesting German food and it was really good (Potatoes four ways)"--Shayla

"Hearing the facts about the old city was very interesting. I enjoyed the deep rich history."--Lulu

"Seeing places I've been learning about in my AP history class was great."--Chloe

"I loved seeing the architecture of Münich!"--Zora

"I liked the natural beauty of the river and the parks that surrounded the city."--Nika

DAVID'S DISH (look for this recurring feature, as David emerges as our culinary commentater):

The meatball itself had a very distinct texture, despite being able to cut with a fork, it was able to retain its shape while being cut by a knife. One of the juiciest meatballs, I ever had, and the the taste of rosemary was not overpowering, but still prevailent. Although it was slightly salty for my taste, I believe that if you grew up with this kind of dish, you'd appreciate it as a regional specialty. --David, on the meatballs at Heimwerk in Münich


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