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Sunday in the Park with Opera Scouts!


After a long two days of constant traveling, we finally were able to shower and sleep on beds again. This morning, I woke up refreshed and excited (despite being a bit jetlagged) for our first day in Paris, France. After a delicious breakfast that put US hotels to shame, we hopped onto our bus and started our tour around the city. we saw the Eiffel Tower, Napoleon's Arch of Triumph, the place that Marie Antoinette was held captive, the bridge that was built from the leftover bricks after the storming of the Bastille... We also admired the Paris opera house, the french parliament, and the Musée d'Orsay.

After this amazing preliminary tour of the city, we stopped for a short lunch before actually going into the museum. the museum had a large, dedicated display of impressionist art, but i personally found the marble and stone sculptures the most captivating. After we explored the museum, we walked to the Saint Chapelle cathedral--grabbing some sorbet along the way--to attend a concert. the concert featured an amazing soprano soloist along with a string quartet. the concert was magnificent and I was very inspired by the singer (especially how she controlled her dynamics for high notes so well). Finally, we concluded out eventful and fun day with a tasty dinner before heading back to the hotel.

David’s Dish

Today, I chose to highlight a street-side vendor which sells a verity of delights. Some of my fellow scouts bought paninis, crepes, and French fries. I ended up with a spinach quiche. Despite being from a hole in the wall, the food was exceptional. No doubt, the ambience played a huge part as I walk down a small alley with friends. My quiche wasn’t very flavorful and had a curious texture in the crust. It is a completely novel taste as the egg was very present yet didn’t overpower the rest of the spices. One notable feature was the use of cheese. It was used to balance out the relatively dry quiche by adding an oily cheese at the top and also adding an extra layer of both flavor and texture.

Overall rating: 3.9/5

Excellent price to food ratio.

Great ambiance.

Average taste.


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