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  • Sasha Granat

Singin' in the Rain in Salzburg

Today's rainy conditions did not stop the Opera Scouts from continuing to explore the city of Salzburg. We began the day with a tour of the city's opera house. The three stages are rented by the Festspielhaus Salzburg Festival each summer, but the stages are used by other performers during the year for plays, orchestral concerts, and Mozart's operas. We also had an impromptu rehearsal in the Mozart Concert Hall at the Opera.

After a delightful tour, we had lunch as a group at Osteria Patricio Fellini. We were the very first guests of this Italian restaurant, sitting down just as they opened their doors for the very first time. We walked in with our right foot forward, a harbinger of good luck in Austria. Personally, I enjoyed a San Daniele Pizza with prosciutto and arugula. The waiter was a nervous Greek man who did his best to manage 20 guests on his first day, and the décor of the space made the restaurant feel modern.

Our final night in Salzburg ends with a traditional Austrian meal of chicken schnitzel and potato cream soup followed by Apfelstrudel. The living flowers on the table were a nice touch, and I enjoyed the tavern feel of the place. Onward to the next city, Melk!


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