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Burgundy berets in my home town!

Early this morning a troupe of young artists descended upon my township. They were humming tunes that seemed vaguely familiar and asking all sorts of questions about me and my family as if they knew us personally.

After a snowy walk from the train station and lunch at Brau Restaurant Imlauer, they marched through town, posing at the Mirabell Gardens, pausing outside my birthplace, catching snowflakes on their tongues and singing in the Dom Cathedral where I played the organ from a very early age.

Who are these musical geniuses? As the evening wore on they supped at St. Peter's Church and heard a concert of my opera music. I was shocked that many of them knew my glorious arias from my masterpieces Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Magic Flute! I can't imagine what they will do next...

Very truly yours,

Herr Mozart


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