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  • Francisca Icaza

Roma in the Rain

Our last day in Italy started with a free morning in Rome. Our free morning was over shadowed by a torrential downpour and wind. Most people chose to catch up on some sleep but a few ventured out into the heavy rain and wind. After our free morning we met in the hotel lobby at 12:30 and once again went into the rain that had not lightened up. We caught the metro and went to the Spanish Steps to wait for our tour guide. We had a bit of a wait so some shopped while others had a quick bite to eat. We met our tour guide who also braved the storm and began the tour. After the Spanish Steps we made our way to the Pantheon - the rain would not defeat us!

We found shelter in the Pantheon but its floor was wet and slippery because of its iconic oculus in the roof. The Pantheon was beautiful and it was amazing to be in such an ancient building.

We then wandered to the Trevi fountain where our lovely tour guide left us. Sadly, we had to cut the tour short because of the rain, but it was still amazing to learn about such famous places. Finally we were able to see the place where some of our favorite movies, books, and TV shows took place.

We stopped in a café for the best hot chocolate ever before proceeding to the metro to make our way back to the hotel. By this time our shoes had turned into sponges and we decided to go back to the hotel. Everyone changed into dry clothes and met for dinner. We had a lovely, carbolicious meal consisting of some much needed pizza and a goodbye toast to this amazing trip.

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