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Student voices will be back tomorrow, I promise! It has been a couple long days, and late nights at the theater, which has cut into our blog and journal time.

Today began bright and early with a visit to the you see our own three graces who could easily have been the models for Botticelli.

Then, no leather markets were left unturned as there was scouting for jackets, purses, wallets, belts, gloves, and gelato...gelato? Yes, several visits to our new favorite gelateria, "Perche No?"

Marching through the sunshine, we bid farewell to the Firenze, and the David, and found our train to Roma. Station shot below. And yes, there is gelato...

When we got to Rome, we were all excited to find our elegant hotel in this elegant part of the city. The hotel arranged a beautiful welcome dinner for us, where Al Jon experienced his first espresso.

The gracious hotel staff then escorted us though a secret door right into the backstage area of the Opera di Roma! Surrounded by lush burgundy velvet drapes and tuning violinists, we climbed the stairway up to our seats where we watched opening night of Tosca in the very theater where it premiered back in 1900. A great introduction to Rome!

Tomorrow we start our journey into ancient Rome with a tour of the Colosseum, the Forum, and surrounding areas. Togas all ready to go.

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