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  • Amelia Lifsitz

La Fenice!! 3rd Day!!

Today we went to THE most beautiful opera house in the world, La Fenice. It was a pastel blue, pink, and white theme. And had lots of gold ornamentation, and very ornate colorful paintings. It had all of the most important composers on the walls, and a whole floor dedicated to Maria Callas. And it had a huge stage, as well as a large orchestra pit.

We all went our separate ways in groups. And then my group went onto a Gondola ride. And we sang our opera arias as we were going down the canal. The gondolier was very happy when he heard us, and he started to dance.

After lunch we met back up again we went to San Marco, the large square that had the Basilica. The church was very grand. And had stories there were not only in the holy book but also the Torah. We had a tour guide and we walked around Venice. It was absolutely stunning.

We then went to the Museo di Musica (Museum of music). We saw how instruments are made, and what they used to use. After we went to the L’Accademia, a large museum. It had a lot obout Jesus’ life. And how he went through it.

Then we went back to the monastery and we all got time to sit down and talk and get refreshed. We then all split into groups again and went to dinner. We had pasta, pizza, and I tried tortellini for the first time. When we got back we wrote in our journals and wrote postcards.

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