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The Last Night!

Tonight we gave our formal concert at the Vienna International Music and Arts Center. We missed our wonderful Margot, Zora, and Lillian, and yet we persevered! Everyone sang beautifully and we were joined by former SF Opera Guild student, Katleen Dugas, now a professional singer in Vienna! The audience was small, yet very engaged and appreciative. When we came home we had a hybrid cast party with our infirmed Scouts joining us by zoom. It was an inspiring ending to a dynamic, delightful, and eye-opening adventure!

Here's what some of the Scouts have to say...

The sense of accomplishment is unbelievable. At the end we felt tired but we pulled through! Succeeding without things we relied on, like good rest and half of an entire voice part, has reinforced confidence. And a very good pizza party.


I've never seen such inspiring art! The portraits (at the Sisi Museum) especially were amazingly detailed. - Eve

Throughout this journey I have felt so much love. I will always remember the memories, the people, and the overarching feeling of joy. - Amarech

During the trip I have experienced so much, it has been a wonderful time! Thank you to Caroline, John, John-Elliott and Paul for the amazing trip - Josie

Til next time--Paris, anyone?


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