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  • Kyra Leetz

Palazzo Ducale/Murano/Concert!

The Palazzo Ducale/Doge's Palace, a gargantuan structure full of some of the most beautiful gold leaf ceilings and perspective paint. This was the first stop on day four around Venezia. Every room opened to an even grander one each with its own story. We questioned how one man, even one of importance, could need such a sizeable home. Our voices echoed off the beautiful desolate walls and bounced back with tremendous sound. After getting lost in the maze of solitary confinement, i.e. the dungeons we finally found our way out and towards the boats. The water carried us to the island of Murano where we would watch the craftmanship of thousands of years of Venetian culture. The glass smoldered in the flame a fiery orange and hardened crystal blue. We walked through the shops with an excitement in our eyes as the glass glittered in light. Murano was as magical as its craftsmanship. We returned to the monastery with a nervous excitement for the music we were about to give. The chandeliers in the hall were lit and in the air there was passion. Music became our most valuable chapel. Everyone had brought their stowed emotions to the front to be embraced and enjoyed. No singer was left behind. Our recital tonight was glorious!

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